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The Various Uses For Mezzanine Floors For Business Owners

February 9th, 2011 by submit444, under Uncategorized. No Comments

A mezzanine floor is a great avenue through which you can expand space for your business without permanently raising operation costs. Around the world businesses are looking for all kinds of ways through which they can reduce costs and maximize on output from their resources. Employees are taking on multiple roles, companies are also venturing into multiple fields along with many other measures aimed at ensuring there is no wastage of resources. The idea of having mezzanine floors is actually inspired by storied buildings though these ones are built internally. The intention being to productively use the open and idle spaces that buildings with high ceilings have but is often unused.

Traditionally, mezzanine floors were mainly used for storage. Raw materials awaiting processing, office supplies, finished products awaiting dispatch, parts, tools and all manner of things were stored there. With time people have moved away from the traditional use and currently mezzanine floors are being used for a wide range of purposes. Businesses are having them put up for a number of different reasons. These reasons include, expanding office space. The executive team of the company can actually work from these offices since you can have them finished to very high standards. You could also use the mezzanine floor to house specialist teams such as quality control. For teams that need to work with minimum interruption, this works very well.

Another excellent use of mezzanine flooring is for security related teams. Having an elevated position means that those in charge of security can monitor the rest of the floor with more ease. Most people also find it an ideal station for their security related gadgets and controls like alarms and gates. The team working on the mezzanine floor will be better placed to respond and call for external help in case a security situation arises.

Another use of mezzanine flooring is to create room for staff welfare. Since they are non production activities that look after your team, you are likely not going to want them taking up your main floor space. You could be providing them with a changing room, lockers, lunch area, or other such facilities. Mezzanine flooring for such facilities means that you have enough room for your production while providing your employees with welfare areas that will keep them happy.

Dark rooms and design studios of printing shops as well as photo studios are also often put up on mezzanine floors. This arrangement ensures that the main floor is full accessible to clients as the shop while those working on projects are able to concentrate without disturbance. Clinics will also often have doctors working on the main floor while the lab is on a mezzanine floor. It actually is a great convenience as it not only reduces cost but also saves time as compared to having such services located at a different site away from the main shop.

Despite being used mainly for storage even to this day, mezzanine floors are taking up many more diverse uses in businesses.

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